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Managing communication with your tenants made easy. Our tools will help you be more efficient and help keep costly repairs down on your properties.

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Tools to help you keep track of rental history, rent payments, and communicate with your landlord day or night.

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Targeted advertising to the people who need you the most, when they need you.

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Showing your business off to the right audience without all the hassle and cost that come with other online advertising.

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Finding Your New Rental Home Is Just A Few Clicks Away

If you are looking for a new rental home you have come to the right place. You can search our listings by city and state or by zip code and radius so you can find the right house in the right area. The best part about our listings is that the landlords are already utilizing our free and easy to use site to communicate with their tenants.

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Amazing Tools To Help You Stay
Organized, Tenant or Landlord




Ability to see what services have been requested in the past, and current tenant phone numbers and email addresses.


Only Internet Required

Can be accessed by computer, smart phone, tablet, or any internet compatible device.



Confirmation of receipt by tenant of any communication sent through the site.



Ability to attach pictures, documents, and copies of lease agreements to communications sent to tenants.



Ability to receive service requests with detailed descriptions and pictures of the issue.



Cut additional repair costs and secondary damages caused by misunderstandings of the issue.


Cost Effective

Less hesitation by tenants to submit service requests, causing small issues to become more costly.



Ability to simply forward a service request to a contractor of your choice.



Easy reference to a contractor that can perform the service, but no commitment to any certain contractor.




Easier access to your landlord.


Any time, Anywhere

Ability to submit service requests anytime, day or night.



Additional source of record keeping for all requests or communications that you have had with your landlord



Ability to accurately describe the issue and even provide pictures when needed.



Repairs more likely to be performed in a timely manner by the proper contractor. Less people entering your home and with minimal visits.



Less chance of issues getting forgotten or overlooked.



Confirmation of receipt by landlord for all communications sent.


Only One Party

No need for landlord to be registered with site in order for you to take advantage of its benefits. You only need your landlord’s email address and you can use the site.


Only Need Internet

Can be accessed by computer, smart phone, tablet, or any internet compatible device.

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